Continuous Autonomous Application Tuning

Helping clients with AWS Cost Optimization

Manage your runtime environment so that your software runs at its best and its leanest form.

Higher Performance. Better Economics.

Cloud Application Tuning Improves Performance

Continuous Cloud Optimization autonomously operates to adjust your cloud application settings. The result is running your application optimally to deliver the needed performance for the lowest possible cost at any time, with any scale, under any load.

Cloud Application Tuning Improves Economics

It is now possible to tweak and perfect your runtime parameters that are too complex to touch. Continuous Autonomous Application Tuning evaluates trillions of configuration permutations and pinpoints the best combinations of resources and parameter settings. CAAT tunes your runtime infrastructure precisely to

the workload and your business performance goals.


By using precisely what you need, you get the performance that you need and quickly see your costs slashed.

Your cloud application will work harder and leaner.

Reduce costs up to 71% with CAAT AI algorithms.

We bring our clients through a 5-step process that gets results by leveraging all of the AWS programs available to users:

         5-Step Process

  • Analysis of current usage

  • Benchmarking against peers

  • Savings Projections

  • Recommendations for optimization

  • Implementation and Reporting

Our clients see an average AWS cost reduction of 32.3% without making any changes to their existing service


If we don't identify at least 10% savings in 10 days or less then our service is FREE


National Health Care Technology company saves $500,000 a year on EC2 expenses by switching 30% of their instances to a lower cost AWS program that they were not leveraging. They were most excited about how easy it was to implement.

Fast growing Data Integration technology provider thought they were managing their AWS costs well and even utilized a popular RI platform. We helped them identify $1.3 million in cost reductions while lowering management time by 80%.

Large financial services firm had major big data requirements and was running complex batch jobs. We showed them a solution that lowered their expenses by over $100,000 per month, and they got a 4x improvement in process times.

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