Our 5 step Process insures maximum results

OptiMax Pro

Comprehensive AWS Cost Reduction Program

OptiMax Pro is by Cloud Advisors, is the only solution available that addresses all areas of AWS spending and finds significant savings without any changes to the clients infrastructure. 

We have found 98% of all AWS users are overpaying for services by not leveraging all of the possible cost saving programs available to them.

With 72,000,000 entries in the pricebook, it's impossible for organizations trying to run their own business to be experts in AWS costing. 

Our clients leverage our expertise to make sure they are not overpaying for services they need, but could be paying less for.

75% of the savings achieved have nothing to do with Reserved Instances (RIs)

Our only fees for the entire solution is a % of the savings and we don't charge anything close to the industry norm of 50%.

Results Matter: Our clients save an average of 32.3%

On average we find 32.3% in cost reductions for our clients without any changes to the services they were using. Most clients had no idea they were leaving this amount of money on the table, but the issue is widespread. 

What kind of impact would getting back 1/3 of your AWS spending back to use in other areas?

1) Review of Current Usage

We pull a detailed inventory of your current (and past) AWS consumption, to create a baseline of usage and to categorize the entire AWS footprint. This sets the stage for all of the analysis and the data source for the AI recommendation engine. This will surface data on unused/underutilized workloads, tagging hygiene, and other important reporting.

2) Benchmarking Against Peers

We use a proprietary mix of 17 different tools to benchmark your organization's cost efficiency as compared to a mix of peer companies. Most clients when we first engage with them are surprised to see how low of a rating they get as compared to the most cost optimized companies.

We get our clients into the "A" group as a result of implementation.

3) Specific Savings Projection

Our AI engine will calculate a specific and achievable spending reduction number for the entire AWS bill. This will be target we will work with your team to hit. Most of the results will come in 30 days or less.

4) Optimization Recommendations

Here is where the system will produce the specific cost saving recommendations across every service, every instance, every region. These will NOT involve any changes to the architecture or infrastructure. Just easy to make changes that lowers the prices paid.

5) Implementation and Reporting

In this step, we work with our clients to make sure they are implementing all of the strategies identified, are achieving the best results, and providing real time reporting on gains made.

Our Guarantee 

We will find at least 10% savings in 10 days or there will be no cost to you

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